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Simon’s Weekend Anthems radio show originally started on a community station in the UK called In2beats back in late 2016.

In early 2020, the show then became syndicated and can now be heard on stations across England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Singapore, Greece and Australia and now in Spain on Hot Fm 96.2.

Simon has been a radio presenter since he was 19 and got his break in commercial radio in the UK in 1998. Hailing from Bedford, United Kingdom Simon Marshall would wake up at 4am to listen to Radio 1. He would tell his Dad that he would one day be on the radio to the point his father took him to an open day at BBC Radio Sheffield. Simon's talent was immediately recognized and at the young age of 14 he found himself hosting his local hospitals radio station.

His subsequent meteoric rise is testament to Simon's hard work and his infectious energy. By 19 he joined B97 Chiltern FM and went on to be the key presenter on some of the biggest stations of the time including Mercia FM, Q103, Wyvern FM, Northants 96, Hereward FM, The Mix Network and Star Radio amongst others continuing his legacy of bringing rich dance anthems and discovering breakthrough acts.

Simon's reputation as a charismatic, dynamic host grew and a slew of events soon followed. Simon has compared for the Bedford Park Concerts and is the regular host for the MK Job Show and was the DJ on the main stage at the River Festival in the UK.

In 2005 Simon decided to completely change his successful radio host and DJ career and start saving lives with the NHS ambulance service. However he soon went back to doing what he loved and today Simon can be heard right here on HOT FM 96.2 on the airwaves in Spain.

Simon also gives his time to causes close to his heart and has hosted many charity events such as fundraiser runs, and dog jogs and Simon even hosts the Santa Dash in Ely.

Today, you can hear Simon on stations including MKFM in Milton Keynes, All Oldies Radio and Atmosphere Radio in Portsmouth, Brighton and Glasgow and of course right here on Hot FM 96.2 every Friday night.