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Deejay Syfo (Dj & Producer) was born in Spain in1987, his family name is Marcos Maguire.He started at the age of 14 mixing music at home and at Private Parties, he made a professional move into the music scene at the age of 17 by playing the opening hours at Camaleon Beach Club Calpe.

By the age of 22 he had gained experience by spending hours listening to music and watching other DJ´s technique and skills. He has played with famous Spanish DJs around the Costa Blanca area ,he has also played at club´s like Camaleon, Descacorde, Mistique, Aqua, Déjà vu, Sasha and all local places on the Costa Blanca, as well as Divina (Albacete), etc.

Syfo was the resident DJ at the Camaleon for 8 years and now play´s every weekend at Sasha in Calpe. He works with many styles of music: House, Latin, RnB, Pop (Always in a very commercial style and well know tracks
He has worked as a radio DJj since the age of 23 for local radio in Calpe and has now joined Hot FM.

Syfo started producing music when he was 24 and has done many successful remixes, mashups and bootlegs for private use (to listen to his tracks visit...
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Deejay Syfo


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