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Yes this is the time that to driving on our roads here is like playing dodgems with the devil! If you spot a car with a hire sticker and it is driving on the left, many don’t, pull over and choose an alternative route, put your safety first.

Following cars down the coast road you would think the drivers believe they had been entered into the World Rally series without their consent, travelling at 25Kmh and braking 25 metres before every corner, totally oblivious of the queue of frustrated drivers behind (don’t be tempted to try an overtake) It is a fact that most accidents happen at a speed of 30 Kmh, why because people that travel at those speeds do not have the skills to drive faster so they all meet up with each other on a regular basis, ouch! When I drive I work on the basis that accidents happen behind me.

I have also noticed that many drivers still use mobile phones when driving, and unbelievably on or approaching roundabouts, considering that many have poor concentration skills and a lack of awareness of other drivers its pure madness, please don’t be selfish think of others.

Remember now it’s the tourist season, pedestrians are treating roads as if they are pedestrian zones and aimlessly walking into roads without looking, expecting vehicles to have some type of anti-to inertia drive so that they can stop instantly.

Also please remember white van drivers get very hot and frustrated this time of year so keep your eye on your mirrors, they are out to get you, and if you have a sports car they will target you ruthlessly, so in the bar they can say I overtook a Porsche today, its true.

I wish you all a safe summer, stay sharp and stay alive.