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English radio in Spain

If you are reading this we assume you like to listen to English radio in Spain, and we would like to know what you expect from an English radio station?
Do you prefer to listen to mainly music if so what style and genre, or do you prefer more talk and news, and specialty programs full of local information.

Hot FM More Music less chat

The reason we ask the questions above is that our market research has shown that the majority of listeners prefer English music only radio stations with of course the mandatory hourly news and we therefore follow that broadcast model. We have discovered that many English radio stations here in Spain provide programming based on what they believe listeners want as opposed to actually delivering what listeners want. Many radio stations here in Spain try to deliver a mix of programming that they believe will give them a broader listening base, where in reality this has been proven since the 60s to be a myth. That is why in the UK English radio is recognized as the best in the world, you have Radio1,2,3, with each of these stations producing specialist programming for a particular market sector, many English radio stations in Spain attempt to be radio 1,2,and 3 all on one station, this goes against all the rules of radio.

Hot FM is designed to be Entertaining

Hot FM is the most listened to English radio station in northern costa Blanca, why? Its simple we follow the rules of radio we are on a mission to entertain with feel good modern dance style music. This is sunny Spain don't a damp and wet UK, so we provide music to match the climate and make our listeners feel happy, we don't give air time to individuals that are just going to bore the pants of our listeners. However there is always room for improvement that's why we want your feedback and suggestions to make Hot FM even better. We know our English station is unique but also appeals to all age groups, we don't assume if you are over 50 you only want to listen to vinyl, our play list features past hits yes, but all are remixed by top dj's and producers so they sound current, plus of course we play the top dance and chart tracks. When you scan your radio for English radio stations you will hear the majority sound the same, but when you land on Hot FM it is instantly recognizable and unforgettable, so stay tuned enjoy the sounds and let us know what you think! Our aim is to entertain you that is what radio is supposed to do.