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Motor Cycle Racing

Hot FM is pleased to announce its sponsorship of rider David Slader and his team in the Spanish BMW Cup.

Previously David as a rookie was racing for Team Quinto in the Campeonato Murciano, Campeonato Valenciano and the Champions Trophy.

  • 2nd place in the Region de Murcia
  • 4th place in the Region de Valencia
  • 5th place in the Champions Trophy

After his success as a rookie, David was immediately signed for Team Hernandez to race in the Spanish Championship, the European Championship and the Champions Trophy.

David who is the sales Director for Smart Sat has now been encouraged to form his own team and is sponsored by Hot FM.

The first race is at Albacete on the 23rd march 2014 team and race pictures to follow, you can follow Davids progress on Hot FM or in the Costa Blanca news.