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The benefits of using radio for advertising are many, ranging from its effectiveness to its low cost.

Radio is an intimate form of advertising. Many people listen alone, such as when jogging or driving. Listeners develop strong relationships with their favourite stations, identifying with the music.

Yes this is the time that to driving on our roads here is like playing dodgems with the devil! If you spot a car with a hire sticker and it is driving on the left, many don’t, pull over and choose an alternative route, put your safety first.

We are pleased to announce that Alberto Bianchi has become the major sponsor of Hot Fm.

HotFM Listeners

We at Hot FM would like to thank all our listeners for their support in making us the most listened to station on the Costa Blanca not just our English speaking fans as Hot FM crosses over to all nationalities; we would also like to thank all our International on line listeners that have contacted us and given us such good feedback, and especially our fan clubs in Hawaii, the Netherlands, France, Miami, Greece and the UK.

English radio in Spain

If you are reading this we assume you like to listen to English radio in Spain, and we would like to know what you expect from an English radio station?
Do you prefer to listen to mainly music if so what style and genre, or do you prefer more talk and news, and specialty programs full of local information.

Albacete Race Circuit

It was a full house at Albacete this weekend 23rd March for the opening races in the Spanish National Championships Racing Calender.